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About the HomeBase Project
The HomeBase Project (HB) is a not-for-profit, international nomadic artist-run residency and research program that explores the notion of “home.” Operating at the intersection of contemporary art, social innovation, and urban change, HB’s mission is to foster interconnectedness in society and challenge the role artists play in shaping their surrounding, connecting art and everyday living. To that end, HB transforms vacant sites located in urban areas undergoing change into temporary 'artistic homes' where selected artists live together and create site-specific installations expressing their idea of home and contribute to a lively cultural and communal program which is open to the pub
lic free of charge.


HomeBase Project was born out of the desire to recreate an often lost sense of ‘home’ in today’s socio-economic environment, and out of the need to offer a alternative platform which empowers the role of contemporary artists as agents of change within the rapidly changing urban setting. HB Project asks to offer a new context for art through focusing on 'home' as a site-specific anchor, creating  a communal platform for site-specific reflection and experimentation on questions of identity, belonging, hosting and social structures, while serving as catalyst for artistic innovation and urban re-appropriation, with a larger quest of policy making through the arts. 

Journey Home
The HomeBase Project was established in New York City in 2006, and has since traveled to four different cities in four different continents: NYC, Berlin, Jerusalem, and next in Saitama, Japan. HB transformed various sites into temporary artistic and communal homes: In New York City –  a  Polish Credit Union Building in Greenpoint, Brooklyn (HB I / 2006), a cast-iron building in SoHo, Manhattan (HB II / 2007), an historic  townhouse in Harlem, Manhattan (HB III / 2008), and a former clinic on the lower East Side of Manhattan (HB IV / 2009),  in Berlin a historic brewery located in the Pankow section of the city (HB V / 2010) were later HB Project continued developing into a year round LAB running five HB Build residency programs (2011 - 2013). in 2014 HB expanded its reach to a new continent and city and launched HB Jerusalem in a 'nano' residency format, and in 2015 & 2016 HB will take place in Saitama City, Japan as part of the Saitama Trienale - culminating a first HB decade. 

To date, HB has nurtured the growth of over 80 international emerging and established artists, and has touched thousands who have visited the HB projects in various cities.

In 2009, the Volta Show called the HomeBase Project 'a new model for public art', HB was invited to present its mission and outcomes as a 'special project' at the Volta Show in New York City and in Basel, and HB was also presented at the Guggenheim LAB in Berlin, at the Res Artis Conference in Tokyo (2012), at the Microresidency Forums in Japan (2012 / 2014 / 2015), and at the Wander #1 Symposium in the Hague (2013) and will be featured as a special project in the upcomming Sataima Triennala (2016).

HB has garnered coverage in publications such as the New York Times, New York Magazine, Bettery Magazine  for its pioneering international urban residency and research model.
Due to It's unique positioning in fields of art and urbanism, and due to outstanding roster of artists and team members, HB continues to build awareness through out the art world and beyond.