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Artist, curator, researcher, founder of the HomeBase Project (2006-2016) , currently working as the director of Beita - Home for social based art of the Jerusalem Municipality. Anat is a Graduate of the Bezalel Art Academy Visual Art Programme (2001) and holds a M.A in the Arts from Hunter College, NYC (2005). Anat has exhibited her work the medium of paper cut out's and installation in galleries in Israel, NY, Italy and Tokyo, and has represented her work in the field of public and community based art  in various stages such as Res Artis Tokyo and Volta Art Fair. Anat is the recipient of the 2013 Andy Warhol Fellowship for Curatorial Research focusing on future artist-run models.

Anat Litwin

born in 1974, Madison, Wisconsin, USA, currently lives and works in Tel Aviv, Israel

I believe in the role of the artist to reveal a deeper understanding of ‘human’, expand consciousness and shape everyday living - defeating even if momentarily the existential pull of exile. to try and pursue this my work unfolds in several forms : creating an iconic vocabulary in the medium of paper cut-out’s, drawing, collage and installation, forming new contexts which challenge the boundaries of social, spacial and artistic realms  - building ‘The HomeBase Project’ and experimenting in the relational possibilities that exist in radical urban hosting forms, and leading research which can enable to integrate new progressive artistic models of creating and living communally in cities.