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Room #2 HomeBase Project VII Saitama

Tableland / HB Archive

During the last ten years, HomeBase extended itself as an artist-run nomadic residency and research program exploring the notion of home, inhabiting seven different buildings located in changing neighbourhoods in four international cities - NYC, Berlin, Jerusalem and Saitama. Each project has been a microcosmos, including unique collaborations, exchanges, challenges, site-specific creations and reflections on home, while the project as a whole has grown into an immersive constellation, hosting and collaborating with more than 100 artists and with diverse urban communities.  

Tableland is a playful archive installation that reflects on this Journey ‘home’, while aiming to engage viewers in essential questions regarding home, urban change and the role of art in society. The installation contains lightweight miniature models of the seven buildings / homes in which the HB project inhabited, outlines of maps and key features of the four cities it visited, names of the 100 artists that took part in the project and a set of playing cards containing images, information and questions.

Viewers are invited to join the table game and take on a journey from HB I in NYC to HomeBase VII in Saitama, discovering the cultural context and artistic outcomes along the way while bringing in their own experience and suggestions considering future models of artistic hosting.

The name of this work stems from the fact that the model is literally set as a large table in the centre of the tatami room, around which people can sit, gather, play and interact. In a geographic aspect, it echo's the flat geographic landscape of Saitama.

exhibited from November 3rd - December 11th 2016 at HomeBase Saitama 2016 Open House​

部屋 #2 アナット・リトウィン
タイトル: Tableland(台地)/HBアーカイブ





Anat Litwin
born in 1974, Madison, Wisconsin, USA, currently lives and works in Tel Aviv, Israel

Artist, curator, researcher, founder of the HomeBase Project (2006-2016, NY / Berlin / Jerusalem / Saitama). 

Anat graduated from the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem from the Department of Visual Art (2001), and holds an M.F.A in the Arts from Hunter College, NYC (2005). She is the recipient of the 2013 Andy Warhol Fellowship for Curatorial Research focusing on future urban artist-run residency models based on work and research in four international cities. In addition to HomeBase Project she co-founded and directed several residency projects and programs including Makor Residency program at the 92nd Street Y, NYC, LABA at the 14th Street Y NYC, and Beita at the Saidoff Building in Jerusalem, as part of the Jerusalem municipality. 

Anat's work evolves in a wide spectrum of mediums and practices - from paper cut out’s to installation, photography and writing, relational practices, researching and initiating international urban art platforms which connect art and everyday living. Her artwork has been presented in galleries in Israel, NYC, Italy, Berlin and Tokyo. Work in the field of residencies focusing on the HomeBase Project has been featured in various known cultural platforms including Volta Art Show NY & Basel, Guggenheim LAB Berlin, Res Artis Tokyo (2012), Microresidency Forum (2012, 2014, 2015), Wander Symposium in Den Hague (2012), and currently as part of the Saitama Triennale (2015 / 2016).