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Antje Rieck

born 1970, in Ulm, Germany, currently based in Turin, Italy / Berlin, Germany, New York, USA


Antje Rieck’s work examines ideas of transformation, transcendence and metamorphosis, positioning the human body as a porous receptacle in dialogue with its environment. Her practice investigates the structure with and around space formed by the biography of the social fabric. In Rieck’s sculptural and site-specific installations, she uses organic materials such as marble, wood and stone as well as other mediums including photography, video, digital animation, and performance. The artist’s process of investigation is informed by different layers of perception which she refers to as ‘experimental fields’ or ‘playing fields’ that create a visible geographical reference to the imaginary of the infinite.

In my latest investigations I explore crystalline growth and its unique properties, including my durational experiment, CrystalGrowingStation. A constellation of open and closed systems of manipulated and raw material elements which orchestrate a geology of the space, mapping layers of perception thus choreographing the architecture into renewed and renewable thresholds of knowledge.

The most significant stations so far in my career are mapped by the coordinates of residencies I’ve experienced in different continents, from Europe to Africa and the U.S. Each time I inhabit a new space, where the collaborative process takes a starting point, layers of negotiation in the unstable configuration of communities solidify through collaborative processes into thresholds to the transcendental meaning of change and healing. The liquid state and nomadic paradigm assuming the solid form of its container for cultural production organically finds specificities within various locales. 

​Description of work created at HB LAB

​“Know Thyself”
a celebration of failure 

element table, a digestive coffin, the former silent movie theater Delphi, Gustav-Adolf- Straße.
We play and run and fall and laugh and fail.
Flowing in the space of amniotic fluid, we meet in the breathing space and the core of infinity, the place where we meet in awareness of our self through the other.

Come and experience the fine balance to discover the beauty of Zufall. Savour the amniotic fluid.

Created on site tables, playing fields texture blurring boarders into choreography of the transcription.

Playing fields
Table tennis, cake, smarties, dance, Delphi, July
Ongoing play through Zufall Transcendental