The HB LAB (2011 - 2013) was devoted to an in-depth research on communal living while fostering eco systems and collaborations with neighours and with the local Municipality. the HB LAB took place in a historic brewery, and operated from 2011 - 2013,  hosting the ‘HB Build' residency programs  within a structure of  three months of a residency with weekly programming, shared artist dinners, and the development of a site-specific art work and communal project. The residency was followed by a 3 day open exhibition and dynamic festival witch included a diverse cultural program of live performances, discussion, shared learning and artist talks, offered to the residents of Berlin free of charge. As of 2014 the HB LAB and the HB Berlin based non-for-profit organization have closed, with HB activity moving to the next destinations - Jerusalem 2014 and Saitama 2015 & 2016. 

Participating Artists HB V Berlin: Christoph Balzar / Germany, Sami Ben-Larbi / France, Mahmoud Kaiss / Palestine
Nayari Castillio / Colombia, Zachary Fabri / USA, Asuka Goto / Japan & USA, Olga Koroleva / Russia, Ella Litwitz / Israel, Antonia Low / Germany, Nati Shamia Opher / Israel, Philine Sollmann / Germany, Edouard Steinhaur / Haiti & USA. Guest Artists: Mo Asumang, Shiri Chaia Sandler, Venera Katrati, Soundfair

Team HB V Pankow:
Anat Litwin, Artistic Director & Founder / Arzu Bulut - Business Manager / Tal Siano - Co-Producer / Alex Schweder - Site Manager / Khadija Carroll - Co Curator of HomeBase Cultural Program, Community Outreach / David Rickard - Infrastructure / Jennifer Morone - HB Garden & Special Events / Tilman Schlevogt - Design


Participating Artists HB Build Residency Program / HB LAB: HB Build I, Oct 2011 : Angela Strauber  (DE) David Fire (ISR) Elske Rosenfeld (DE) Isabelle Gelot (FRA) Loudwig Van Ludens (Lux) Michelle Leddon (USA) Jen Moron (USA) Francesca Roamana Ciardi (ITA) Kate Fulton (AUS) Alina Shmukler (ISR)  //  HB Build II, March 2012:  Loudwig van Ludens (Lux), Katerina & Thomas Kokkinos-Kennedy (Aus), Adrian Brun ( Arg / NL), Shony Rivnal (ISR), Rosalie Vos (NL), Michal Rivlin (ISR), Brian Fernandes-Halloran (USA), Fela Kim (NL), Felipe Arruda (BR) // HB Build III, Aug 2012: Georgina Porteus (GB), Shintaro Yamakawa (JP), Olga Karayakina (RU), Moritz Geiser (DE), Yuki Shiroi (JP), Nathalie Lemoine (BE), Brett Gustafson (USA), Camila Rhodi (BR), Franky Cruz (USA), Julius Weiland (DE), Eva Gjaltema (NL)​  // HB Build IV - Dec 2012: Eyal Dinar (IL), Shelley Etkin (IL/US), Alanna Lawley (UK), Ilya Noé (MX), Galen Olmsted (US), Clara Sampaio (BR), Vera Schöpe (ES), Misael Soto (PR/US), Malthe Stigaard (DK), Hanae Utamura (JP) // HB Build V, July 2013:  Aixa Sacco (AR) / Ann Oren (IL) / Antje Rieck (DE) / Bram Braam (NL) / Diego Zavala Aldana (MX) / Elena Dahl (US) / James Budd Dees (US) / João Vilnei (BR/PT) / J. Treverton (US) / Johna Hansen (DK) / Joseph Patricio (PH) / Josh Hoeks (US) / Kira Kemper (ZA) / Lenka Burdova (CZ) / Nadia Buyse (US) / Philippa Jeffery (UK) / Rafael Machado (BR) / Wooguru (KR) 

HB LAB / Core Team Members: Founding Director & Artistic Director of HomeBase Project - Anat Litwin, Director of HB LAB - Heather McKee, Managing Director - Nikki Hendrikx, Curator - Adrian Brun, Design & Development - Bas Kools, Sarah Lüdemann Site Manager.

The fifth nomadic HB edition took place in 2010 in a new city - Berlin, at Thulestrasse 55, in the Pankow district. The exploration of home in this former East Berlin site, brought up a rich and complex local history and heritage, explored by HB artists and the community in various layers. Following the HB Berlin project in Pankow, the need for establishing a base for HomeBase and diving deeper into the local meanings of home made up the grounds on which to establish the HB LAB  -  a year round home and laboratory for the project. HB LAB was launched off in 2011 with a special celebration - the resurrection of the historic brewery on-site, marking the new incarnation of the building as a home for HomeBase in an event titled 'Ignats Bier'.

Left: Launching of Engelhardt Bier Directed by Mr. Ignatz Nacher - March 5th, 1907 at Thulestrasse 55, Pankow, Berlin
Right: Exactly 105 years later - Launching of HomeBase LAB March 5th 2011, and Ignatz Bier Thulestrasse 55, Pankow, Berlin