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# Landing

For the last ten days a group of international and local artists, urban designers and graphic designers have been living together in the Iwatsuki neighbourhood of Saitama city. Arriving all the way from Oslo, Berlin, Tel-Aviv, Tokyo, Brussels, Yamagata and Saitama city, we have finally landed and settled in at the former Tougyoku dormitory, and are now in the midst of developing new site-specific artworks while creating a temporary home.

# Living Room / Salon

Friends from afar and nearby neighbours filled our living room last Monday to celebrate with us the beginning of this new artistic cycle. We shared a delicious and very diverse potluck meal followed by a planting ceremony. The evening turned into somewhat of house party with a live wedding song performance, an extravaganza dj and full on dance floor. 


Adding winter flowers, baby cabbages and lettuce's to our garden, waiting for the persimmons to turn orange and the Yuzu tree to turn yellow again. 

# Kitchen

Our kitchen has been full with action - nurturing and sorting and sharing and cleaning, small experiments in growing food and bigger tasks in importing recipes and flavours from home. So far a brave collection of dishes which include Red borscht, Hummus with olive oil and garbanzo beans, rice bowls, Baninini with caviar, gnocchi with Persimmons from our tree, fresh baked bread, miso soup, Tofu with onion and fish, baba ganoush, apples and honey, Halva, mochi, and other sweet cooking stews. Cook Book in formation.

# Sessions 

Introductions, sharing portraits of home, learning about each others creative processes and artistic perspectives, walking the city through human thresholds, practicing the everyday with de Certeau, revisiting models of artistic hosting, journey home and home as journey, defining navigation tools, tracing boundaries between self and other, purity / impurity, Kristeva and the abject, considering what constitutes home and what might make the urban surrounding an extension of home.  

# Workshop

Last Saturday we hosted a workshop at MOMAS - Saitama Museum of Modern Art, for Saitama kids ages 7-11 titled 'journey home' - we created a navigation kit with hand made tools that may help to observe the way home with new creative eyes. Kit included a map made from memory, a measuring stick a journal and a telescope.

# Neighbourhood

From under the shadow of the new built 'mansion' project we walked through older parts of Iwatsuki neighbourhood - visiting Senkyou-kan, a samurai children school from 1799, the town's bell made in 1671 and activated by the locals until 15 years ago, overview of the Iwatsuki castle from the edo period and sake tasting at the sake brewery around the corner, and then back to our home. Afternoon visit to the Tougyoku hina doll factory and store. More Saitama stories and histories yet to be gathered. 

#Opening November 3rd // Save the Date

Our domestic domain becomes public soon...We invite you to the HomeBase Open House Festival which launches on November 3rd, 2016, featuring a transformed home with new site-specific art work created by this talented group of artists, and with a cultural program hosted in our living room. We will be marking this year's HB decade celebration by hosting two special projects - the HB Archive - featuring documentation of past and present projects (NYC / Berlin / Jerusalem / Saitama) and segments from RRR an international curatorial research on future artist-run-residency models in cities. Please join ourfacebook event and spread the word. For press package please contact us at

Looking forward seeing you!

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