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Camila Rhodi

born in 1978, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, currently based in Vienna, Germany


Camila Rhodi is a performance artist based in Vienna and Berlin.
Her live performances, videos and multimedia installations deal with topics such as absence, mourning, gender, violence and sexuality. Rhodis unflinching honesty in the artist’s autobiographical works never fail to drop her audiences defences, raise awareness for their own humanity and then be deeply touched by her work.

Camila Rhodi has shown her work in venues like the Parallel Program of Manifesta in Russia, at the WRO Media and Art Biennale in Poland, at Hebbel Am Ufer and Sophiensaele in Berlin, Tanzquartier in Vienna and many other festivals and galleries in Brazil, Russia, Europe, Africa and Australia.

Description of work created at HB LAB:

Take me

As an autobiographical portrait, Take Me explores personal history, cultural influences, and loneliness.The table, in combination with the strong colors of the chosen objects, the focused light, the mechanical voiceover and movements, builds an aesthetic distance between the artist and the audience. The performance is comprised of both conscious and unconscious writings, interrupted silences, and painful, romantic images of the body.

In order to create something related to the fragility of the body, risk, and fear, Camila Rhodi created a draft of ‘Take Me’ in the process of ‘A Dona do Fusca Laranja’. However, the live performance had its premier only one year after in Berlin, inside her own bedroom.


OVER 18 ONLY is a multimedia performance based on a parallel between the artist’s love affairs and her sexual abuse experience in childhood. In a confined space with one bed, each person from the audience lays down comfortably on the bed, sees the first video called Long Time No Sex projected on the ceiling and hears with headphones a mixed soundtrack based on Serge Gainsbourg‘s song “Je T’aime”. Next, another video called Over 18 Only begins in a small projection on the wall beside the pillow where the head of the spectator is supposed to be. This video describes the sexual abuse.
This random and ongoing video installation is a mixture of the funny, erotic and ironic stories of love affairs written in red on a toilette paper and a black and white serious story of violence.

Letter Home:

I’ll never forget the afternoons me and my mother slept together
I would always wake up before her
I walked around the house in silence through the shafts of sunlight.
By the end of the day, I could feel her future absence,
I felt a void inside of me

a pain just to imagine me in this world without her.
I would always put my hand close to her nose to be sure that she was still alive...

Home for me has never really meant safeness.