Clara Sampaio

born 1986, Cachoeiro de Itapemirim, Brazil, currently based in Vitoria, Brazil 


Clara Sampaio is a Brazilian independent curator, visual artist and architect. She holds a BA in Architecture and an MFA (UFES, Brazil, 2016) in curatorial practices and independent spaces, working both as a curator and as an exhibition designer. Her most recent works are the exhibitions ​Liames (with artists Cristhina Bastos and Kyria Oliveira, Galeria Casarao, Viana, Brazil, 2016), ​11th Vitoria em Arte Biennial (along with 86 artists, SESC Gloria, Casa Porto das Artes Plasticas, Vitoria, Brazil 2015), ​Reception Studies - contemporary art​ in domestic spaces (awarded with a grant offered by the State Culture Department of Espirito Santo, Brazil, 2014-2015, co-curated with Gabriel Menotti), ​Ways of coming back home (with artists Haroldo Saboia, Fernanda Porto, Polliana Dalla and Thais Graciotti, Vitoria, Brazil, 2014). 


Description of work created at HB LAB:
Mutation. The effort the language has to 'make' in order to stay alive
To translate experience into words – the attempt to create new words
How background experience changes my way of seeing / perceiving new things

I'm always trying to make connections. For me, that's what architecture is all about. How does one experience a space? How does a space create experience?

1. Using universal “symbols” I try to recreate those efforts in communication: -The physical struggle to pronounce words -The psychological behavior towards a situation that has been imposed -Interpretation rather than translation -Making comparisons through sound only – signifier

-Gestural similarities <<CONNECTING>>

2. LINGUA. minha pátria é minha língua. (digital video, B&W, 2`36`)

The video piece was inspired by Brazilian musician and songwriter Caetano Veloso's song Língua. HomeBase residents struggle to perform, in their mother tongue, the translation of the sentence-title, while I focus on their bodily movements, muscles 'reactions, the awkwardness of the gesture.

3. Leaf.a.msg (leaves, installation)

Looking for a way of mapping my experience in Berlin, first by cultural contrasts and then to silent moments back at the studio, I've been collecting leaves. This delicate approach made me want to communicate with them. I exchange song lyrics from Clube da Esquina (Brazilian group created in the 70s by Milton Nascimento, Lo Borges, Beto Guedes, among others) and the leaves give me silent stories about adaptation: expressions of their ephemeral lives and tiny veins. 

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