Renowned Geographer, Anthropologist and Urban thinker, David Harvey, states in his essay titled ‘Rebel Cities: From the Right to the City to the Urban Revolution’ that “Capitalist urbanisation tends to destroy the city as a social, political and liveable commons...Urbanisation is about the production of an urban commons (or its shadow-form of public spaces and public goods) and its perpetual appropriation and destruction by private interests.”

(Harvey, 2012, p. 68)

Artists have historically been leaders of voices of dissent - questioning the established order while offering new creative visions of the future. On the background of worldwide urban growth, Neoliberalism, and as a response to destructive privitization processes, one of the urgent cultural needs that arises now, is a counter reaction -  finding vital creative strategies, practices and platforms which can nourish free inter-personal and inter cultural communal expression, exchanges, investigations and experamentation, possible through an artistic re-appropriation of urban life.  

Artist-in-Residency programs are cultural platforms which allow the artist to explore her practice within another community and setting, often emphasizing the importance of process through a multi-layered critical cultural exchange. The HomeBase Project (HB), an independent, nomadic, artist-run residency and research program, exploring the notion of “home”, is committed to creating temporary community-based cultural “homes” in different cities in the world in collaboration with diverse communities of artists, residents, activists, partners and municipalities - from NYC to Berlin to Jerusalem, Saitama and beyond - and furthermore,, it is commited to exploring the possibilities that lay within the practice of artistic hosting, considering home as a new cultural and political frontier.

Driven by the quest to challenge the role of the artist in setting new social and cultural paradigms while demonstrating and challenging the notion of the right to the city -  an idea first proposed by sociologist and philosopher Henri Lefebvre in his 1968 book Le Droit à la ville. The HB project asks to unfold as a subtle subversive artistic-social movement against the grain of capitalist hegmony. We aim to create liberating spaces of insurgent subjectivity, which serve towards new civil awareness, structures of care, and nurture the continuity of memory, with home serving as a door and micro site for entering human roots and unfolding the macro complexities of humanity, changing how we live in cities through contemporary art.

Anat Litwin, December 2016