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Diego Zalvala Aldana

born 1984, in Mexico City, Mexico, currently based in Mexico City, Mexico


Actually I´m based in Mexico City, now producing a nine song music album, a duo project with Alex my mate. So… I´ve been song writing for the past year, looking forward to mix and release these material as soon as possible. This is my main interest, I perceive music as something you just cannot cancel from your human receptiveness, so you get directly to audience´s auric subconscious, as any other performative act,  this is because subconscious perception is always about present happenings, not registrations of the past or conjectures about the future. It just bounces and vibes across the flesh and bones in order to shake bodies; I like musical medium because inserts melodies and poetry  directly through your ears,  makes you think and have the experience of being part of a tune. Even though, at some worst case scenarios, would be cool to have some kind of “earlid” to avoid aural inconveniences.

 Another stone of my work`s construccion (which is still under construction) is made of images, that are a direct visual glimpse, a sort of registration of my pace. I see my visual work as the chronicles of my anachronic personality.

But the ground where I grow ideas is writing lirycs and short sci-real distopic stories, that are inspired in my mexican surroundings, to close from USA, to far from god, a place where you can see extreme poor people, native mexican people in the fight to save their cultures mixed up with the global technocracy.

 I`ve been working the next exercise: where I go off my social boundaries and I chat with anyone, like ask to a thug for a cigarrette, and watch him in the eye, listen what he has to say and try to see further any stereotype. The objective is to be conscius of people`s background, which defines who we are. This exercise is something I try  to do everyday and for now it`s my main source of inspiration. Ok! It`s about  leaving our perspective boundaries, I mean we won´t empathize with everybody, but if we just could open minds reciprocally, try to make at least human contact or maybe a friendship with different mindsets, to find social consciousness, and try to feel happy with our human situation what ever it is, always working to become a better person and then become a better artist.

Letter Home

Dears Body and Mind,

My conception of home is you, that place that takes me towards the world, and makes me be part of it.

You`re a state where I should feel safe and free of expressing what I feel.

It`s a place based on respecting the uses and costumes of our home neighbors and be reciprocaly nourished, even we don´t agree on certain things; about that, I would say, it`s an utopic discution I wont get through at this moment, ´cause I don´t have an answer for how can we find human equality between each others, if we live in a world filled of own interests and where each “homes`” ego rules.