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(...Some ideas about being & feeling a Stepmother...)

The history of the past will allways be there, as a scar that was once a wound that hurt somebody, but now has become a memory. Be it in the personal lives of peoples, families, cultures, countries, these scars have to be treated with patience, care and perseverence. To be able to build a new present we have to be courageous.


Eva Gjaltema

born 1979 in Zwolle, The Netherlands, currently based in Berlin, Germany


Eva Gjaltema (1979, Zwolle, NL) sees photography primarily as a medium for recording time, memories and transience. In her work she refers to universal themes like the family institution and the influence of history on the present. She switches between documentary projects and more personal autonomous projects, where the autobiographical is always her point of departure.

Eva has a Bachelor Degree in Photographic Design at the Royal Academy for the Visual Arts in The Hague, the Netherlands. She was selected ‘Best of photography departments art academies Netherlands 2008’ by the Amsterdam Centre of Photography with her installation and book ‘wrang’. In 2010 she was nominated for the Dutch Doc Award for her exhibition ‚Famylje’ at the Noorderlicht Photofestival. She held a Stipendium (Post Middendorp Assignment) to create the work 'Knoalster' in 2011, which was exhibited at the Kunsthal Rotterdam and Noorderlicht Gallery Groningen. More recently her work ‚Fernweh& Heimweh’ was shortlisted for the Athens Photofestival 2015 and featured as ‘Editors Pick’ and ‘Conceptual Project’ at Lensculture. Since April 2016 she became a member of exposuretwelve (

Description of work created at HB LAB

​Trautes Heim, Glueck allein / Home Sweet Home / Eva Gjaltema

‘The struggle is now, the past is made in the present.
Family photographs may affect to show us our past,
but what we do with them- how we use them-
is really about today, not yesterday’
-Annette Kuhn-

My interest for cultural history in the form of hidden narratives
that emanate from individual and collective experiences
(history & memory) continues to be my focus during my stay at HomeBase.

Concretely this means for me to do more research about
the implication of (German/European) history on the individual,
found within certain places and buildings in Berlin and
in my personal case finding my place as a stepmother within a new city
and a family with a past.

 In different (time) layers and subjects ranging from the ‘Siedlung’
to ‘Märchen’ to a found family album where I write a new history,
I want to discuss how the past still has an influence in the present
And I try to make the invisible visible.

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