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Eyal Dinar 

born 1976, Sasa, Israel, currently based in Berlin and Düsseldorf, Germany 


I was born and raised in Sasa, a small Kibbutz in Northern Israel. At the age of 22 I moved to London, working as an apprentice for the architectural photographer Hélène Binet. It was during this time that I discovered my true passion for photography. After returning to Israel, I studied Photography & Digital media at Hadassah College in Jerusalem.

Questions of memory, identity and journey concern my works. I am using photography, writing and recorded performances  and videoart, in order to disassemble and rebuild a story. 

One of the main themes in my work throughout the years is the continuous exploration of my origins, physical and metaphorical landscapes. These are examined and revealed in an ambivalent atmosphere that is aesthetically beautiful, but at the same time exposes a world holding a secret, which becomes my own fantasy playground. 

I showed in solo and group exhibitions in Berlin, Israel, Portugal and NY, and currently preparing my next solo exhibition in Berlin, in April 2017 which will deal with the shelters in my childhood place, through photography and videoart.

Description of work at HB LAB: 

A Question of

Memory, place, landscape, black and white, fragments of biography, a voyage and one’s exploration within Photos, places, memories, parts of sentences, stories, people, out of yourself and all the way back
Making up stories
Asking questions and leaving them unresolved, trying to answer, to create a dialogue, to know your answers Excitement and exhaustion

Measuring and deleting distances
What happens what happened what will happen here and how do we observe
Language, words, movements, moments and events on the timeline moving forward, backwards, not stopping constantly to talk with one another
Colors, a frozen lake, “Subconscious that opens like a fan”
Components and possibly dismantling
Trying to understand, simultaneously complicating it
Wiping the condensation from the glass
What image is revealed on the other side
And what kind of story do I want to tell about it
Who is the man arising there (or at least his image)
How similar
How different

Text, movement and imagerination
Inviting the audience to talk with me and play with the puzzle pieces 

​Letter Home:

First thing I did - I had to put music when I entered the room and all the bags were on the floor. I had not unpacked anything. I was frantically looking for my old MP3 which I received years ago, I needed my sounds to fill the space quickly to put something  on and  begin to experience it as mine.

I thought I wanted to hear something in Hebrew but I was not sure. I did not find the MP3 so I played something else that was already installed on the computer.

I was cold at night, I woke up early as I predicted. On that  first night I did not dream, I do not know what it means. The daylight was coming on, I could tell the hour. I saw the minutes lifted by the northern light coming into the room softly, as if politely saying hello I'm here. It was not an act of aggression, it was thoughtful and gentle. It came in  and began to fill the walls. I could see through the window a tree and a red house, I also saw a piece of sky. It was like shooting an ideal composition of a one-third and two-thirds picture. I was cold, but satisfied with the progression of my first morning light here.