On Home

I have felt very at home walking between people sleeping on the street in India at night and very out of place in my own home. It
all depends on my state of mind. Home is not in a place but in myself.

Of course, if you do talk about home as a place, I do have my preferences. I like space. 

Fela Kim

born 1985 in The Netherlands, currently based in The Hague, The Netherlands


Fela Kim is an artist based in The Hague. Her practice has been named a radical equalizing. Through it she tries to create another together, another collectivity: inclusive and invested in equality, caring for others, and breaking through the boundary between what we understand to be the domains of art and life. Other important elements in her practice are embodiment, experience and playfulness. 

She obtained her Master’s degree in Artistic Research in 2016 and her bachelor in Fine Arts in 2011, both at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. Currently she is working in Daisen, Tottori, Japan for a period of 3 months. 


Letter Home:

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Space to move, space to think. The two for me are intrinsically interwoven. And I need a space I can close, privacy.

At the same time I need people to connect me to the world. I have a tendency to be a loner, to withdraw, to drift and to float. But ties that bind are there for a reason and no man is an island. The connections you make with people you love serve as a compass. Not to follow them blindly, or to let them pull you in any direction, but as certain points to which you hold your position. Like to the north, south, east and west.

Home is when I take my position. Even if I don't know where that is. When I take my place, and not in the way of taking place in line, but literally claiming my space, knowing that this space is mine, I can be here, then I find myself at home.

I do not have to know my surroundings, or the people I am with, it can be anywhere. In a crowd at rush hour, on a deserted beach in the middle of the night, alone or together, in the place commonly designated as my home or in a place I have never been to before. ​It is a simple "I am here" that brings me home.

Fela Kim 2012.