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Georgina Porteus

born 1974, Glasgow, Scotland, currently based in Moray, Scotland 


Growing out of an expression of my own internal landscape, now my work also captures echoes from external landscapes. Installations use film, automatic drawing, found texts, objects, people, performance, conversation, sound sculpture and performance, prompting a counterintuitive response.

Recent collaborations have strengthened the running social commentary of my own process - whether these dialogues are a celebration of the mundane or wonder at the extraordinary.

Influences include: Susan Philipsz, Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller, Susan Collis, Yayoi Kusama, Andrei Tarkovski, Olafur Eliasson, John Cage, Marina Abramovic and Sophie Calle.

Inspiration can be found in the most unexpected places and yet all is very much linked and connected. Not only are my site-specific works an intervention of a physical space but an insertion into the minds of all who partake. All my work is connected then disconnected with each individual's interpretation and experience; thus encapsulating the essence of memory and making memory in the process. 


Description of work at HB LAB: 

Over Egging the Pudding

‘over-egg the pudding’

Used to suggest that one has gone too far in embellishing, exaggerating, or doing something (excessive quantities of egg in a pudding could either make it too rich or cause it not to set correctly).
-The Oxford Dictionary-

Georg-ina Porteous by use of a durational performance will respond to her experience of home.

The aim of this piece is to question whether our need for belonging and identity can be met in a more simplistic way and to raise awareness of the possibility that we may be being delusional by changing environment or consuming unnecessary possessions in the quest to create home.

Behind the door of Room No.3 unfolds a kaleidoscopic vision within the workings of an internal journey.

Pudding Recipe -1xWhisk,1xBowl,1x piping bag, 1 x Hook. Safety glasses.
- 23 x puddings. 45L of Milk. 100L of Water. 32kg of sugar.
- Mix all of the above in a bowl with whisk and add to the piping bag and unravel the pudding on the floor.
- Observe 

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