"2 in the Richter scale shakes the house and gives us this feeling of unsteadiness, reminding us of how fragile and temporary we are. Jelly bottles and rests of rubbery food displayed at the table, perform a gracious three seconds long dance and I shudder to think what might have happened at this home of us. I tremble and sweat, and walk along the red carpet but I must tuck my tummy in to recover myself, and to look strait in the eyes of the old man that watches me and wonders himself what has happened between now and the last time he was here. 

Digging questions and mind reflections are being presented to me now. Why does that tape hurt so much? I contemplate the rushed delicate skin and feel the urge to touch it softly and heal it completely. A known warm hand draw sensual lines on my naked back and I feel comfortable and protected. I must rest and give myself the time to take it all in, and lying on a white mountain of buttons I shut my eyes.  It smells like almonds and old wool. It is nice and intoxicating.

A piano sounds at the end of the hallway and a thin penetrating -almost out of this world we know- voice caresses each note and makes me think whether the crystal vases will resist it. The white fluid contained in them rests and waits patiently. And the two guys having a snack at the round table seem not to notice anything and keep on living their intimate moment which will last forever. 

There is a tank in this house, where a sweet wise man lives and thinks at. He watches us all and helps us to dance together a long song. 

The windows wide open let the big tree in and hope that the birds will one day came and nest in it, bringing their homes into ours, creating and inventing together with us a new something. Places where bears ask us animal questions and wonder what happens to us while we sleep long. Places where we can isolate ourselves to escape from everything and sense our senses. Feeling the comfort and the uneasiness of being, both at the same time.

So many creative minds and bodies and in-out exchanges sharing this one gentle house. So many things had happened at home. The one new body made out of each single one of us is now ready to have a walk around the world and tell everyone about our home stories. Waking people up to remind them of how powerful they can be. "

Adrian Brun

Co-Curator HB BUILD II