"The HomeBase Project at the LAB is based on the idea of dialogue with place. It operates as a multiculturally structured environment in which meanings are – partially – established and actions carried out. In this sense, this home – in constant development – is a function of spatial, social, and personal relationships, played out on the intimate level in private, as well as in the collective sphere in public. A home within a home within a place. 

The multidisciplinary and the diversity in backgrounds of the selected artists, all transported temporarily to a different context and space where the ‘sharing’ is inevitable, generates a situation in which living becomes a creation in itself, and the material consequences of it visualize the experience, representing simultaneously the traces of the process.     

Manifesting itself both on the material and intellectual levels, this particular home is at the same time strongly utopist, malleable and variable, expressing the needs and anxieties of the community located in it and that co-creates it. Mutual feedbacks, creativity, emotions and energy exchanges take place between the individuals of the community and the environment in which they function: One gentle common house in the neighborhood of Pankow, Berlin.

The ambivalent characteristics of these processes – the grid of tensions and interactions between the environment and its inhabitants – functions as the main drive of the creative process, which refers to the category of private space as well as to that of public space, and to their mutual relationships. And on the next level: the neighborhood and its local characteristics, problematics and peculiarities.

From a curatorial point of view, HomeBase does not classically curate the artist’s work once they become part of each three months long residency. It rather builds an artistic common living/working environment, through academic content and artistic support, in which the artists are free to create at their own needs and will, individually as well as in collaboration with each other and with the team.

As a result of this multilayered artistic experiment, the LAB – completely transformed into a living installation itself – proudly open its wide doors to the public to let them discover the imprints of the experience."

Adrian Brun,
Curator HomeBase LAB Berlin