"Each season a brand new chapter in the book of the old brewery opens up through the HomeBase LAB residency, yet again hosting a new international artistic community which has been carefully selected to foster uncountable possibilities and opportunities, arising from the coexistence of creating and living on site.

Reflecting on the topic of 'Home' over a period of three months, the project explores ways in which space, construed as a field of diverse identities, interpersonal relationships, and multidisciplinary art praxis is negotiated. As a result, the artistic and discursive values of collaborative processes and works create the exhibition’s dynamic tissue - a massive imprint of the investigation, exploration and research of drawing together stories which can translate and transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.

This multilayered artistic experiment transforms the LAB itself into a living installation that proudly opens its doors to the public to reveal the traces of the experience and to celebrate the culmination of the process of creating one communal piece, a living and kicking organic sculpture.

This forth round of the HB BUILD program was marked by the winter season and an outstanding group of extremely collaborative, generous and dynamic artists. It brought about neighbourhood public actions during a week long seminar, as well as creations within the individual studios and communal spaces in the brewery building. Creative investigations include amongst others research about domesticity and the unhomely, the reframing of public and private, neighbourhood archeology, the reappropriaton of memory, social intervention and the Internet.

This publication documents its shape while offering a short view of the process, summarising the works presented in the exhibition in the broader context of the participating artist's creative practice and their home/studio spaces - through images, reflections, and personal letters home - in which the private and the public blend and become one."

Adrian Brun
Curator HomeBase LAB Berlin