Left: Artist Sally Krysztal Kramberg at HomeBase Nano Project,

Right  - The Faraj Familly who originally owned the building.  

HomeBase Project Nano Residency takes place in 2014 in Jerusalem, an the intensely beautiful, complex, and conflicted city, home to the three largest monotheistic religionsJerusalem has always symbolised both longing and turmoil. 

The HB Nano residency model focuses on creative research of home within an intimate framework - rather than larger residency and public happenings similar to those of HB projects in the past, the HB Nano residency exists in a personal residential setting in Baka, at the home of Anat Litwin, HB director.

Each of the participating artist has been invited for three weeks to live on site, explore, map, and create an art work related to 'home' in this site, while expanding the exploration of ‘home’ into the city at large.  This year, in face of the current situation, the project focused more on cross cultural exchange among local Artists, both Israeli, Arab, and Palestinian

The Building at 23 Bethlehem Road, built by a Palestinian family in the 1920's carries a rich history which becomes a foundation for inspiration and re-appropriation while the backdrop of daily life in Jerusalem on the background of the heated violence of Summer 2014 expose how fragile life is in the region, and how shaken is the notion of home. 


HB Jerusalem Nano Residency - Open House Exhibit & Salon Series

Sep 20th, 2014 - Opening 12:00 - 17:00 / part of Open House Jerusalem

Closing Oct 12th 18:00 / part of the Bethlethem Road Festival 

Address: 23 Bethlehem Road, Baq'a Neighborhood

HB Nano Artists: 
Shai Saul / Israel - Jan 2014
Elisabeth Smolarz / Poland & Germany - Feb 2014 
Sally Krysztal Kramberg / Israel - March 2014
Igal Sarna  / Israel - April  2014 
Fatma Shanaan / Israel, Druze - July 2014
Nisreen Najaar  / Palestine - Sep 2014 
Rafram Chaddad  / Israel & Tunisia
Guest Artists: Vered Kaminzki / Israel, Ruby Namdar / Israel 
Research Information & Footage of original residents of the building: Sigal Landesberg / Israel