The upcoming HomeBase Project will take place as part of the first Saitama Triennale on the theme of 'soft urbanism', between Oct 5th and Dec 11th, 2016 with the following phases:

  • HB Saitama Residency phase: Oct 5th - Nov 2nd, 2016 (Artists Arrival October 5th)
  • HB Festival / Open House (Public Cultural Program): Nov 3rd - 6th 2016 from 10:00 - 18:00
  • Opening: November 3rd 12:00
  • HB Open House / Exhibition: Nov 14th - Dec 12th, 2016 (Artists Departing site Nov 14th)

For 2016 a group of eight artists from various backgrounds have been invited to participate:  Left to right: Martina Bobrikova & Oscar de Carmen - Slovakia / Spain / Norway, Takuya Hirano - Japan, Thekla Boven - Belgium / Philippine, Valery Bolotin - Israel, Masha Zusman - Israel, Koji Iijima - Japan, Anat Litwin - USA/ Israel, and co-producers Nikki Hendrikx and Huraka Yamada. HB Saitama Triennale team includes: Teiko Hinuma - Curator and Project Director, Tomo Hinuma, and support staff Petr Holy and Megu Suzuki.

This team will be living on site at in Saitama at a three story tall building located in Iwatsuki-ku neigborhood and which is still used as a dormitory for the staff of the doll company Togyoku Co., Ltd, creating a new discourse, research and site-specific art work around the notion of home. 

For bio's and additional information about the artists please visit the 2016 Artist Pages.

More info of HB 2016 on the blog‚Äč & Festival Page