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Above: Andrea Loefke, Home Sweet Home, HB III Harlem, 2008 

HomeBase Project (HB) is a nomadic artist-run-residency and research program, devoted to the exploration of the notion of Home and to the creation of new platforms, models and tools for communal Artistic Hosting in cities. Operating at the axis of contemporary art, social innovation and meaningful urban change, HomeBase seeks to challenge the role artist play in shaping everyday urban living, and to create cultural currencies of care.


HomeBase Project was founded in 2006 in Brooklyn, New York by artist Anat Litwin and has evolved into an immersive work of art through collaboration with team members, diverse communities of artists, local residents, educators, urban planners, municipal facilitators and social change agents. Since it's foundation the project has embarked on a decade long journey across the globe, inhabiting buildings in changing urban neighbourhoods in New York, Berlin, Jerusalem and Saitama, and transforming vacant residential spaces into temporary artistic homes for critical cross-cultural, and counter cultural exchange. ​​Along this journey HB was featured in various conferences in the fields of art residencies, soft urbanism and social practice, in contemporary art exhibitions and in publications, and is currently the subject of Academic Research in the field of Urban Planning.

​Welcome Home.