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Isabelle Gelot

born 1987, in Marseille, France, currently based in Pars, France

HB BUILD I  Artist

My practice originates from my set design background; and resolves around spatial issues.
My work extends to fine arts, architectures, textiles, interiors and I pursue a trans-disciplinary based process.
On the verge of social contemporary matters, and the seek for authenticity, I explore miscellaneous themes throughout research and experimentation, looking into our social and cultural context, and trying to re-define human instincts and desires, in our virtual society.
I have been researching - throughout my design and artistic study of spatial issues called “Morpho-Spaces”- around the notion of Home, as a physical and mental space; a poetic approach to the creation of a nurturing atmosphere, deeply shaped by vernacular methods, and influenced by us “modern dwellers”.
This investigation is also trying to include a blow of natural magic in our everyday lives..  

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