Solo exhibitions “Memory of each other”(International Studio & Curatorial Program, United States, 2015) ; “Life Scan”(2014, Tokyo Frontline, Japan), “Study Country”(2013, VCA Gallery, Australia), “Form of Sea” (2012, Kyoto Art Center North Gallery, Japan), as well as groups shows such as “In the Wake” (2015, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston)  and “Whose Game is it?”(2015, Royal College of Art, UK), "Asia Anarchy Alliance”(2014, Kuandu Museum of Fine Art, Taiwan), “Local Futures”(2013, He Xiang Ning Art Museum, China)

Ishu Han

born 1987, Shanghai, China, currently lives and works in Tokyo, Japan

We always find ourselves in a larger community and unconsciously feel the necessity to gain approval to belong to it. Eventually it can take over your life in an obsessive way. I start by questioning this approval, because I believe that this questioning is not for a community called a “nation”, but rather for individuals. Throughout my work, I think about how individuals manifest themselves in relation to this questioning.

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