Julius Weiland

born in 1971 Lübeck, Germany, currently based in Berlin


​Julius Weiland was born 1971 in Lübeck, Germany. From 1995 – 2001 he studied at the Academy of Fine Arts Hamburg with Ann Wolff and Katsuhito Nishikwa. During this time he received a scholarship at the Pilchuck Glass School, USA, in 1997. From 1998 – 2005 he was member of the independent theatre group Nico & the Navigators and in 2004 producing his own production with Sinta Tamsjadi “Neue Bewirtschaftung” at Sophiensaele, Berlin.

2009 he was guest lecturer at the Institute for Ceramic and Glass Arts in Höhr-Grenzhausen, Germany. In 2011 he realized a commission work for the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Hong Kong. Since 2000 he lives and works in Berlin.


Description of work created at HB LAB:

On a Clear Day / Julius Weiland

Reflecting on the idea of home of Ernst Bloch the work makes use of the daylight falling through the windows of the room. In his work The Principle of Hope he defines home as “concrete Utopia”, which in his words is about the conversion of the world into home – a place that seems to be in childhood, but where actually no one has ever been.

He understands it as a process of realization and real possibilities. One of the categories of possibilities he calls “objective-real” which can be also seen as matter.  For him matter is already self-creative and this can become visible in Art for example.

The incidence of light is changed by fog filling the space between the double-windows. Because the windows are sealed the fog becomes so dense that it blocks out the view in the end. After filling up the windows the fog is being removed by a hover and slowly disappears. After this moment of clearing up the process can start from the beginning.

Letter Home:

The light falling through my window. Cast Sky, dark clouds, a sudden flash of light, gone in the next moment. A tear in the clouds, blue sky next to dark grey. Beams of light coming as soon as they go.

The idea of reality as concrete Utopia, endless possibilities being out there, when you are at the right place at the right time. A matter of seconds sometimes. Like a light shining into that moment, into your mind, clear and bright.

These moments carry us further, towards a place in which we can unfold our realms of creativity and true sense of being. A place as peaceful and light as our heart in the most precious moments.

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