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Koji Iijima is a visual artist, art director and professional fighter in the field of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA).  He got into Musashino Art University in 1993, but on the other hands, he severely started training Martial Arts.  After graduation, he worked as a research associate and lecturer at the University and also made his debut as a pro-fighter.  In 2007, he moved to Los Angeles, the United States to be active as a visual and martial artist (-2011).  So far he has had many exhibitions including Gwangju Biennale 2004 (Korea), The Earth Art Festival 2009 (Mexico) and so on.

Koji Iijima

born in 1973, Yokohama, Japan, currently lives and works in Saitama-shi, Japan

I avoid any exhibition where the viewer appreciates the completed works of art.  My “work of art” is completed by combining the object that mode and my performance of the site. I’m going to present my “work” to as many as possible, or in an easiest way possible, because I want to send my signal to the general public, not just a few art professionals, and to communicate with them. Through various visual signs I will say “This is also a work of art”.  Because I think “Art is Life” and we would notice our life is filled with ART.