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Room #1 HomeBase Project VII Saitama

Rolling Home Base Home

"Rolling Home Base Home” is a minimum structure of a home, for Immigration or for Refuge. It is constructed from circular metal tracks and a small wood house unit which is attached to a buggy car.

The work is created as both a monument and outdoors sculpture standing in front of the HB building, as well as an object for performance in which the artist rolls around Iwatsuki. It echos the symbol and nomadic identity of the HB project.

exhibited from November 3rd - December 11th 2016 at HomeBase Saitama 2016 Open House​

His works deal with the relationship between creation and destruction take form in visual and martial arts.   
Exhibitions include Gwangju Biennale 2004 (Korea), The Second Earth Art Festival in the Paricutin volcano 2009 (Mexico), and HomeBase Saitama 2015.

Koji Iijima

born in 1973, Yokohama, Japan, currently lives and works in Saitama-shi, Japan

HB VII Saitama Artist

Koji Iijima is a visual artist, art director and professional fighter in the field of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), based in Saitama City, Japan.  He got into Musashino Art University in 1993, while severely started training Martial Arts. After graduation, he worked as a research associate and lecturer at the University and also made his debut as a pro-fighter.  In 2007, he moved to Los Angeles, the United States to be active as a visual and martial artist, and moved back to Japan in 2011 when he founded CAJ-AIR and ASK.