"My “Letter Home” sent from South Africa to Broadway Gallery in 2007 describes an aspect of the notion of “home” that was felt very strongly then and to a certain degree continues to be part of my emotional make up. That is: a distinct distrust in the nostalgic attachment to personal history. The Robert Musil quote remains an important point of reference to me, however, I have grown to understand another quote, by Nietzsche; “Weh dem, der keine Heimat hat.” 

Matthias Neumann

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Matthias Neumann 

born 1969 in Stuttgart, Germany, currently based in Brooklyn, NYC, USA

HB II Soho & HB III Harlem Artist

Educated as an architect in Germany I moved to New York in 2000. My work has since been fluctuating between architecture and a wide range of artistic media, with a particular focus on installations in the public sphere. My work has been exhibited nationally and internationally including venues such as Manifesta 8 (Murcia, Spain), the National Museum of Contemporary Art (Bucharest, Romania), the former Public Museum, Grand Rapids, Michigan, among others.

Most of my work is concerned with material, spatial and social aspects of the built environment and can be seen as an extended practice of architecture. Over the past two years I have been engaged with a body of work under the title “basics”, exploring an abstracted notion of form, space and utility in public sculpture with installations in New York, Connecticut, Mississippi, Kansas, Illinois, California, Georgia and North Carolina. 


Description work created at HB:

​I participated twice at Homebase and both projects and processes were quite distinct from each other. Homebase II at Broadway Gallery:
The installation at Broadway Gallery traced space as a three-dimensional drawing using black rubber bands, playing with an abstracted iconography of the notion of “house”, “home” and elements of the interior environment of the space. I only noticed recently how much my current body of work “basics” owes to this early exercise in tracing space with everyday materials.

Homebase III at St Nicholas Avenue:
The participation at Homebase III was as part of an interdisciplinary collaboration with the choreographer Ella Ben-Aharon and the video artist / photographer Adi Shniderman as part of a collaboration under the title “trialogue” exploring notions of space in architecture, dance and film, and how these different concepts of space may be brought into a productive dialog. The basement space of the Homebase house on St Nicholas Avenue was transformed into a multi-media environment with moveable walls that was activated through a series of dance performances. 

Letter Home: