2003,“Contemporary Japanese Photography Vol.2”,Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography. 2003, “Location of the Spirit” An exhibition tour of Hungary and Russia ( Ludwig Museum Budapest / Moscow Museum of Modern Art)
2005, One year residence in Helsinki, granted by Japanese Government Overseas Study Program for Artists. A travelling solo exhibition in 3 cities in Finland.
2006, a solo exhibition at Seseccion Vienna. 
2011, a solo exhibition at Monash University Museum of Art (Melbourne). 
2011, “Quiet Attentions”Art Tower Mito, Contemporay Art Gallery(Ibaraki).
2011, “Over the Rainbow”Fuchu Art Museum(Tokyo).
2014,“Big Sky Friendship”Towada Art Center (Aomori).


Midori Mitamura

born in 1964, Aichi, Japan, currently lives and works in Tokyo, Japan

Mitamura creates spatial art installations that focus on a theme of "A drama in which people can venture". These installations are exhibited both domestically and abroad.
Everyday memories and reminiscences are represented like private episodes through the combination of photos, films, everyday objects and various materials. 
Continuously working on “ Art & Breakfast”, a residency art project around the world since 2006, to transfer awareness gained on journeys into art installations, while hosting breakfast events for the visitors at the art spaces.

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