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HB Hosting Models 
While traveling to new continents and cities there has been a shift in what the meaning of home means in each culture and in each setting, and what are the modes, and available possibilities of urban hosting. This has led us to develop various HB hosting models in a flexible manner which fit to the setting and the given circumstance. All models consist of the central components listed above. 

HB Nomadic 

Three weeks of HB Residency program with a group of 12 artists, followed by  three weeks of Open House program. HB I, HB II, HB III, HB IV took place in NYC between 2006 - 2009, HB V took place in Berlin in 2010, HB VII took place in Saitama in 2015.


Building a home for HB, with a three months long Residency Program for a group of 12 artists, followed by a three day Open House Festival Program. HB Build I, HB Build II, HB Build III, HB Build IV, HB Build V took place between 2011 - 2013 in Pankow, Berlin. 

HB Nano 

Three weeks of a HB Residency program, a tailored residency for a single artists on a rotating basis located in a private residential home setting, culminating in  a three weeks Open House Program. HB Nano took place in Jerusalem between 2014-2015, hosting 12 artists all together.

HB Ulab 

Three weeks Residency program for a focusing on larger reflections of home in regards to the Urban landscape, followed by a three week Open House Festival. HB Saitama 2016.Type your paragraph here.