HB was founded in Brooklyn, New York City in 2006  when a Polish Credit Union Building in Greenpoint, Brooklyn was offered by it's landlord, Mr. Efraim Medicichi, to be used as a site for artistic intervention, before it was planed to be renovated. The three floor red brick building located in a polish neighborhood become over three weeks of hard work a inspiring communal platform with a group of 12 different artists creating site-specific works about home. The excitement and success around the project, its communal aspects and the quality of work created, spured an interest to continue on with the project as a unique alternative to the commercial NY art world.

HB project took place in NY in three additional buildings and neighbourhoods, all going through processes of gentrification: a cast-iron building in SoHo, Manhattan (HB II / 2007), an historic townhouse in Harlem, Manhattan (HB III / 2008), and a former clinic on the lower East Side of Manhattan (HB IV / 2009). In 2009, on the background of the financial crises in which Americans were loosing their homes,  an article came out in the NY Times exposing the process of searching for Home, and the need to heal home through art.

HB I Artists - Brooklyn 2006, 126 Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NYC: Peter Dudek / USA & Polish,Merav Ezer / Israel, Raffael Lomas & Josh Strauss / Israel & USA, Arik Miranda / Israel, Shiri Sandler / Israel, Adi Shniderman / Israel, Emily Silver / USA, Monika Sosnowski / Polish, Shirley Wegner / Israel, Anat Litwin / USA & Israel. David Gibson hosting: Robert Grants, Marcy Brafman, Mark Power and Diane Apostolacus / USA

HB II Artists - SOHO 2007, 473 Broadway, NYC: Katie Down / USA, Leor Grady / Israel, Abraham Lubelski / USA, Matthias Naumann / Germany, Carmen Nicole Smith / USA, Anat Litwin / USA & Israel

HB III Artists - Harlem 2008, 145 Saint Nicholas, Harlem, NYC:Carolyn Salas & Adam Parker Smith / USA, Sivan Gur-Arieh / USA & Israel, Ella Ben Aharon / Israel + Yelleb Ensamble: Matthias Neumann / Germany, Adi Shniderman / Israel, Annabel Daou / Lebanon, Andrea Loefke / Germany, Xaveria Simmons / USA, Ramak Fazel / Iran & USA, Alex Schweder / USA, Adi Ezroni / Israel, Michael Paul Britto / USA, Sylvie Degiez / Switzerland  & Wayne Lopes / USA, Ken Launder / USA, Leor Grady / Israel, Anat Litwin / Israel & USA.

HB IV Artists - Lower East Side 2009, 232 East Broadway, NYC: David Bar Katz / USA, Willum Geerts / Netherlands, Oded Hirsch / Israel, Sandra Lee / China & USA, Pessi Margulies / Israel & USA, J.Morrison / USA, Abby Robinson / USA, Paul Sepuya / USA, Dafna Shalom / Israel, Letha Wilson / USA, Anat Litwin / Israel & USA