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We are glad to Announce the selected HB Saitama 2016 Artists.

Additional news about the upcoming Saitama Triennale here.

22/10/2016 PRESS RELEASE

HomeBase Project is ‘in Residence’ at the Saitama Triennale 2016
Now through December 11, 2016
HB Open House Festival on November 3 – 6, 2016

The HomeBase Project (, a nomadic artist-run- residency and research program which explores the notion of “home” is participating in the first Saitama Triennale (, taking place from now through December 11, 2016, in Saitama (さいたま市), a neighbour city of Tokyo, under the theme of Future and Soft Urbanism.

Previously inhabiting buildings in New York City, Berlin and Jerusalem, the upcoming edition of HomeBase Project in Saitama will mark a decade since the project was founded. During the six-week run of the project in Saitama, eight international and local artists, urban designers and graphic designers will live together in the former Togyoku Hina Doll Dormitory located in the Iwatsuki-ku neighborhood of Saitama. HB artists participate in a residency program which includes lectures, city walks and artists dinners, while devoting time to creating site-specific installations throughout the building around the theme of home.

HB Saitama opens its doors to the public on November 3 - the National Japanese Culture holiday, with a four-day Open House Festival. In addition to the exhibition of new works throughout the building, the project also includes an interactive cultural program taking place daily in the communal living room. Neighbours, art lovers, municipality representatives and passersby are invited to join a series of artist talks, tours, interviews and home related workshops.

The HomeBase Saitama 2016 group of international and local artists have been selected due to their artistic merit and practice, rooted in questions of urbanism, community, social entrepreneurship and utopia:
Room #1 : Koji Iijima - Japanese Artist, Martial Artist, and founder of CAJ - a Saitama based artist-run residency, Room #2 - Anat Litwin, Israeli-American artist and researcher, founding Director of HomeBase Project, Room #3 - Thekla Boven, A Belgium / Philippine Urban Designer who is currently undertaking a doctoral research on Japanese culture-led rural revitalization strategies at the department of urban planning of Waseda University, Room #4 Masha Zusman - Israeli Artist, Co-Founder of Barbur Gallery, an artist-run space in Jerusalem, founded in 2005 & Valery Bolotin - Photographer, Room #5 - Takuya Hirano - Japanese Graphic Designer, involved in art direction of the Rikuzentakata Artist in Residence Program since 2014. and is designer and assistant curator of “Yamagata Biennale 2016.” Room #6 Artist Duo Martinka Bobrikova &Oscar de Carmen based in Norway, and working together since 2005. Often community based, their artistic practice aims at setting up new social ecosystems. HB Producer is Nikki Hendrikx from the Netherlands and co-producer Haruka Yamada from Japan. Triennale Project Director is Teiko Hinuma.

Two special projects will be hosted on site - a HomeBase Archive with documentation of current and past HB projects (NYC / Berlin / Jerusalem / Saitama), and segments of RRR (Roundtable Residency Research) an international curatorial research regarding ‘future models of artistic hosting in cities’, led by Anat Litwin in collaboration with Youkobo Art Space and the Microresidency Network, supported by the Andy Warhol Foundation.

“Artistic hosting will have an Instrumental role in future urban living, making cities not only more creative but more human and culturaly diverse”, says Anat Litwin, founder and artistic director of HomeBase Project. “I hope that our collective knowledge and experience can suggest not only a new creative experience of home in Saitama, but can reflect on larger possibilities in this unique field.”

About the HomeBase Project
The HomeBase Project, an acclaimed nomadic artist-run residency and research program established in 2006 in New York City, is devoted to the exploration of the notion of home and to the creation of new platforms, models and tools for communal artistic hosting in cities – New York City, Berlin, Jerusalem, and now Saitama. Operating at the axis of contemporary art, social innovation and urban change, HB seeks to challenge the role artist play in shaping their surroundings, creating new possibilities for educational, cultural and civic engagement in everyday urban life.

The HomeBase Project was born out of the desire to recreate an often lost sense of home in today’s socio-economic environment, and out of the need to offer an alternative platform which empowers the role of contemporary artists as agents of change within the rapidly changing urban setting. HB Project asks to offer a new context for art through focusing on “home” as a site-specific anchor, creating a communal platform for site-specific reflection and experimentation on questions of identity, belonging, hosting and social structures, while serving as catalyst for artistic innovation and urban re-appropriation, with a larger quest of policy making through the arts.

About the Saitama Triennale 2016

Home to some 1.27 million people, the city of Saitama is proud to launch a brand new international art festival, Saitama Triennale 2016. Open to the world, the event will serve as a platform for creativity and exchange. The theme for 2016 is “Envisioning the Future!”; The festival is not just about appreciating art, but about making it and participating, too. The festival will take place at various locations, each offering perspectives on the attractions particular to this living city - its origins, little known nature and the history of its land. Artists from Japan and around the world will discover Saitama’s color and diversity. Citizens of the city, together with visitors, will discover their own future. 

HB schedule can be found online at and facebook.
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