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​HomeBase Project Residency Program

Over the years the HomeBase Project has inhabited different buildings in various neighbourhoods and cities, and has transformed them into temporary artistic and educational platforms for communal exchange.

The HB project residency program is consisted from several essential components (manual being developed):  

  • ​​Stage I: Building a Base - locating a vacant building set in an urban area undergoing change, usually targeting buildings with an interesting architectural / historic feature. Coordinating permission to use the building as a live-in work space for two months. for a group of up to 12 artists, preparing the rooms and a shared communal kitchen and garden. 
  • Stage II: HB Residency Program - A group of up to 12 artists from different backgrounds and mediums are selected to participate in the project, living together, building a community and exploring the notion of 'home' while creating a new artwork. During a basic frame time of three weeks, each artists is assigned a room in the HB building in which she will realise an artistic site-specific interpretation of “home” while participating in a rich research program which includes artist's dinners, hosting guest speakers, learning about the history of the site, participating in discussions with artists and neighbours as well as discovery of the city through urban tours - the goal of which is to provide a critical catalyst for the creation of a unique communall process and site-specific art work and re-apropriation of the site while cultivating a lively community.  
  • Stage III: Open House / Cultural Programming - HomeBase Project opens it's doors to the public with an exhibition and interactive cultural program free of charge. The rooms of the building display the artist’s site-specific installations along with a text each artist is asked to write titled 'letter home'. In addition, the HB project offers an interactive cultural program free of charge. Programming takes place in the “HB Salon,” and ranges from artists’ talks and lectures , to workshops on cooking and gardening, to game playing and live performances, relating to the topic of ‘home’ .  Programing is created by the HB community in collaboration with local activists and institutions. All HB exhibits and programs are free to the public.  
  • Stage IV: Documentation - The lasting and ephemeral qualities of HB are captured and documented throughout the process by the Artists and team, and used as a learning tool for the HB ongoing research on ‘home’. Artists as well as visitors are asked to write a text titled 'A Letter Home' which serves as a genuine correspondance with ideas of home, and is on display in the HB Salon as part of the project.

*Illustration for Manual (Illustration above):  

#1 Prep phase include building a Base / transforming an empty space into a temporary home, creating the HB welcome pack  - information which is given to the HB artists upon arrival and which includes historic and practical info on the site , Garden Planting - a ceremony taking place on site marking the beginning of the project , Distribution of HB door hangers - a way to create door to door connection with locals, Letters Home - a text written by the participating artists which is displayed near the art work at the end of the residency. #2 Residency Phase includes Artist Dinners - the core of interaction, norition and exchage of knowledge that takes place at HB twice a week around the table with guest speakers, Documentation of the project, Creative process on home taking place in the Artist Rooms, culminating in site-specific art works and Letters home. #3 Open House phase which includes an exhibit and an interactive cultural program created in collaboration with the artists, the neighbours and cultural organisations, taking place in the HB Salon and garden, open to the public free of charge.