HomeBase research on home through contemporary art, local narratives / local knowledge as well as through academic resource is an on-going process, involving experts, artists and local residents. Expanding a body of knowledge on Home and Artsitic Hosting It is one of the core pillars and focus of the project at large.  

Anat Litwin, founder of HB Project, has expanded the HB research to new frontiers beyond the boundaries of the HB residency practice: In 2012 Litwin was invited to participate in the Microresidency research residency at the Youkobo Art Space, which focused on artist run small scale residency programs within the field of residencies. In 2013 via a curatorial research fellowship from the Andy Warhol Foundation, Litwin pursued an international research relating to future Urban Artist run models in four cities. Since 2017 she is engaged in academic research as part of a PhD in the faculty of Architecture and Town planning, department of Urban Planning, at the Technion, with a focus on the impact of Artistic Hosting in the City. 

While the Andy Warhol curatorial fellowship enabled the Roundtable Residency Research (RRR) which took place in four international urban settings (New York, Tokyo, East Jerusalem, West Jerusalem, East Jerusalem), Litwin's current Academic research focuses on the Impact and Agency of Artistic Hosting on the City from a perspective of global urban cultural policy making and urban planning, with HB Project serving as a key case study.

Additional academic research related to HB Project and the Roundtable Research has been led by Anthropologist and Artists Dr. Zoe bray, focusing on RRR in East Jerusalem as an area of conflict.

The Roundtable Residency Research (RRR) is a curatorial research and artistic project which focuses on the growing field of urban Art Residency models, with the aim of envisioning how future residency models may contribute to cities of tomorrow.

The research takes place in four urban settings: NYC, Jerusalem (East and West) and Tokyo. Through hosting Roundtable gatherings in each of the cities with a group of experts from different fields of knowledge, conducting urban tours and interviews with key players, RRR aims to engage the participants to address the local social, cultural and urban needs as a vital context and grounds for imagining a new residency model in the city, one which can benefit both the artists as well as the urban and human surroundings. The culmination of the tables will be presented as part of an exhibition with the intent of making these ideas accessible for artists, community leaders, urban planners and municipal decision makers, suggesting new ways of connecting contemporary art and everyday urban living. RRR is led by artist Anat Litwin as part of a curatorial fellowship Supported of the Andy Warhol Foundation, along with other partner organisations including Youkobo Art Space, the Lunart fund, Willy Brandt Center and Artis.

Above: Photographs from RRR East Jerusalem (Salam Qasam 2017), Below: Photographs of RRR  meetings Tokyo, New York City. All Rights Reserved to HB.