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Rosalie Vos

born 1985, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, currently based in Berlin, Germany 


In 2011 Rosalie Vos graduated as a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam, after which she moved to Berlin, Germany.

Rosalie's work consists of newly created spaces and modified existing spaces that are to be entered and experienced. She explores the relation between the physical and the mental or emotional: how do the qualities of a space (atmosphere, size, sound, light) influence the visitor?"

Letter Home:

By adding layers to a room, like wall paper or curtains,

in-between-spaces are created. These, often minimal,

spaces function as mental buffer zones. They have a

cushioning effect, like the constant noise of air

conditioning systems, humidifiers or fans. This type of

sound puts a blanket over all of the other sound.

Making it softer, more bearable.

​Rosalie Vos, 2012