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Sally Krysztal Kramberg is a multidisciplinary artist, born in Paris, raised in Bat Yam, and  based in Tel-Aviv. She graduated from the Midrasha Beit Berel College of Art, yet studied various practices and skills including Photography and Jewlery, while aquiring skills in hand made craft from various cultural traditions.Her works are often defined by images based on self-portraits, however the figurative representation merely serves as a point of departure from which ways of interpreting the "self" off to freer avenues, exploring wider phsycological and social questions regarding gender, tradition and social structure, often from the stand point of an immigrant or outsider. Applying a sensual, craft oriented and conceptual  approach, her videos, multimedia work and performances carry a hybrid nature, and a haunting quality drawing from  the tention of the individual opposed to the group. Sally’s works have been exhibited in various venues, galleries and museums in Israel, and are part of established collections such as the Israeli Museum and Brandes collection.

At the HomeBase Jerusalem Nano Residency she created a series of 21 short videos - one for each day of her stay, capturing mundane and picturesque moments in the domestic environment, of self exploration. In addition she explored local crafts, and connected to the neighboring elders home to create shared sessions on traditions of knitting and beading.