​HB services are tailored to different needs and crowds -  from professional artists and urban designers, to youth groups, municipal workers and local residents. They all share the aim of unlocking the transformative power of art and artistic hosting in the city, and its ability to nurture relations to our human and built surroundings, while developing a critical perspective to the complexity of the urban landscape and the role of art and artists in the public sphere and revealing the embedded power structures which inform contemporary urban life.

HB programs, installations and presentations have been featured in various professional venues, stages, academic institutions and events including the Volta art Fair NYC / Basel (2011 / 2012), Resartis Tokyo (2012), Wander Symposium, De Hague 2012, PechaKucha Berlin / TLV (2012/2015) Um el Fahem Museum (2016), Saitama Triennale (2015/2016), 'Iruach', Technion, Haifa (2018), Escola Da Cidade International Seminar, Sao Paolo, 2019 and more.

  • Consultation- HomeBase Project offers expert consultation services in the field of Artistic Hosting  & development of Urban Art Residency programs. Our consultation is based on HB grounded research and methodology developed over years, combined with academic research in the intersection of contemporary art, social innovation and urbanism. Consultation is offered to Urban Planners, Urban Cultural Policy Makers, Artists and Communities and Organisations interested in developing critical artistic hosting residency programs.
  • Lectures  & Presentations - We offer a range of Lectures related to Artistic Hosting in the City and the HomeBase Project Journey, The trajectory development of Artist Residency programs from 1810 - 2020, the Role of Artistic Hosting in transforming the Urban everyday living.
  • Workshops and Seminars - We offer practical and theoretical Educational and Artistic workshops and Seminars ona  range of subjects, serving towards professional and personal enrichment. 
  • Commissions of Art Projects, Exhibits and Residencies - HB accepts commissions for Art installations in the realm of Artistic Hosting, Communal Re-appropriation, Artistic Commemoration. In addition , as well as Commissions for Curatorial services and Essays in the extended field of art and artistic hosting.

For more details or to receive a proposal of catered services please contact us.

Workshop at Escola da Cidade, Sao Paulo, 2019. Photo: Marcio Kogan

Top: Roundtable Research Tokyo 2014 Youkobo Art Space, as part of Microresidency 2014, HB Saitama workshop (HB Saitama Triennale),

Middle: Workshop at SMOMA Saitama Educational Department, with HB artists Masha Zusman 2016

Below: Lecture at Escola da Cidade, Sao Paulo, 2019.