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Sigal Landesberg

born 1959, in Tel Aviv, Israel, currently based in Jerusalem, Israel

HB Nano Guest Artist

I live in Jerusalem and work as an independent producer and researcher of documentary films.

I am an independent producer and researcher of documentary cinema since 2001. Until 2001 I was a producer at Israel Film Service.  The majority of films were broadcast and screened at local and international film festivals.

Producer, Researcher and content developer of the documentary "Fringe Story". Directed by Tor Ben Mayor.  The Official Selection, the Docs competition at the Jerusalem Film Festival, July 2014.   The film was the Israeli Films Competition Winner  in  EPOS The International Art Film Festival, Tel Aviv Museum of Art March 2015.

On 2012 Co-produced the documentary 'The Lesson' with director Anat Zuria. The film won first prize at the Haifa International Film Festival. On 2009 co-produced and co-researched  with director Anat Zuria the documentary 'Black Bus' . The film won first prize at the Haifa International Film Festival and was screened at the Berlinale Film Festival, Forum of New Cinema, Germany  2010.

​Description of work created at HB Nano Jerusalem

​Anat  Litwin invited me to take part in the urban project she ran inside the house on 23 Bethlehem Road after she found out about the research I had done on 2009. At the time I researched Jerusalem during the British Mandate for a documentary film. I was looking for  families who had a  telephone at home following the 1942  Jerusalem Telephone Directory. On summer 2009 the grandchildren of the Farradje brothers who had built the house came from the US to visit the house. They agreed to participate in a filmed  research. A decade later Anat Litwin asked me to edit few moments and to make a contact with the family. Anat Contacted the family and got a letter to the house. Their stories shed a light on the everyday history of Christian Arabs who left the city during the war of 1948 and could not return.

As a Jewish Israeli I felt  not only curious to know  the history of the house and the neighborhood but also a chance for emphatic  meeting point with Palestinian refugees of our war of Independence .