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Thekla Boven

born 1987 in Brussels, currently lives and works in Tokyo

​HB VII Saitama Artist

Thekla was born in 1987 in a culturally diverse Belgian family. After her studies in architecture, she moved to Tokyo to undertake a doctoral research on Japanese culture-led rural revitalization strategies at the department of urban planning of Waseda University. As she recently infiltrated the world of contemporary art from the perspective of academia her creative process is characterized by a quest to find intellectual understanding of our relation to the environment. 

Recurrent topics of investigation revolve around site, identity, and displacement. Her training as an architect naturally brings her to to test her thoughts through various types of creative materializations and applications in the built environment. Major works include Urban Celebration, a video installation exhibited at the City Tales Exhibition in Shibaura House (2013),Below 1m30, published in Tokyo Totem an alternative guidebook to Tokyo (2015).

Room #3 HomeBase Project VII Saitama 

Thekla Boven


Stand-up is a personal answer to the dual brief of reflecting on the idea of Home and providing a new eye on local specificities of Saitama’s region. On the one hand, refreshing the room, allowed me to take possession of the space I was given for the duration of the HomeBase Artist Residency project. Thanks to the time spent on its remodeling and personalization, my understanding and attachment to the room’s spatial qualities have grown. I believe it is just a matter of spending more time benefitting from the transformed space before I will eventually call it home.

On the other hand, the piece of furniture I designed was not only a device allowing visitors to experience the beauty of the space and it's outdoors but is also a modern take on the layered sleeves of the notorious Hina dolls of Iwatsuki. Intentionally conceived as a gender-neutral single seater, the piece invites people to take place before nature and meditate on one’s self-supporting self before standing back up with more affirmation and confidence.  

exhibited from November 3rd - December 11th 2016 at HomeBase Saitama 2016 Open House


Stand-upとは、ホーム(家)に関する考察と埼玉地方の特色に新たな見方という、二つの側面を反映させた私の個人的な回答となる。一方では、ホームベース・プロジェクト さいたま 2016の期間中に与えられた部屋の内装を一新することにより、その空間をコントロールすることが出来た。改装と個性化に時間を確り掛けることにより、部屋の空間品質に対する理解と愛着が育まれた。この場を変換された空間からホームと呼ぶようになるのも、時間の問題であると確信する。